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The One Discovered by Yvette M. Calleiro

January 9, 2021

I really liked this story. Well put together and with vivid descriptions it drew me into Sofia’s life.

THE ONE DISCOVERED takes us from Planet Earth to somewhere in another dimension of the galaxy at the end. It is time travel, being transported through a tunnel as one flees the earth. 

Sofia, a young girl approaching her eighteenth birthday, is the main character in the book. She has no idea about the unexpected call on her life. Sofia also doesn’t know that she has grown up in a world where she doesn’t belong.  She’s young, carefree, looking forward to going to college after she graduates from high school. Her only concern is that her boyfriend, Rafe, is not as excited about college as she is. 

She meets a young man in what she thinks is her dream world. The story then leads us into a different world where telepathic communication is used to enter Sofia’s mind, and she learns that something is expected of her. She is the One. 

The story is engaging. You will lose yourself in Sofia’s reality. It’s like a real parallel existence, but you aren’t aware of it until someone pops into your dream world and starts talking to you as Ar’ch began talking to Sofia.  This book is a real page-turner. It will keep you wanting to read more.

Shalom aleichem,

Yvette M. Caller

Pat Garcia

  1. An excellent review, Pat. Sharing and looking forward to reading Yvette’s books!


  2. This seems to be a great read. I have added it to my list. Thanks for an amazing recommendation.


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