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BUBBA AND SQUIRT’S MAYAN ADVENTURE By Sherry Ellis, A Book Review by Pat Garcia

September 17, 2020



Whoever heard of a man with backward feet? But then again, whoever heard of traveling through a tunnel and ending up on the other side of the world in a matter of seconds?”


The above paragraph is taken directly from the book, Bubba and Squirt and Their Mayan Adventure by Sherry Ellis. The book is a delightful reading adventure for children. A combination of fantasy mixed with mystery, travel, and humor takes us back into the time of the Mayan culture.


Their transport through a tunnel in their backyard takes them to the other side of the world and back in time, giving us a real travel adventure to another world.


Bubba is Squirt’s brother. In comparison to Squirt, who is his older sister, he looks forward to the adventures that his great great great grandpa who appears to him sends him on.  Squirt accompanied him because she feels responsible for her younger brother.


The Mayan culture is remarkable and beautifully described throughout the book too. Kids and adults will have much joy from reading this excellent book.



Shalom aleichem,





Pat Garcia




  1. Pat, enjoyed your review of this delightful book. It’s great that the book is not only entertaining but also inspires readers to learn about the Mayan culture. Thanks for being a part of Sherry’s tour.


    • Hi
      I enjoyed reading the story. It was a children’s story that made me smile.
      Shalom aleichem,


  2. This is a great story for young readers and older ones too. There is so much to learn about another country. This would be great in school classfooms.


    • Thank you, Beverly. Those are my sentiments too. A great book to get children and adults interested in Geography and History.
      Shalom aleichem,


    • 513sherrye permalink

      I would love it if more teachers had it in their classrooms! I’m trying to get the word out. I’ve provided teacher guides and activities on my website. I hope they use them!


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