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Maski: Broken But Not Dead, by Joylene Nowell Butler

June 30, 2017








The first thing that caught my attention as I read Maski: Broken But Not Dead, by Joylene Nowell Butler was the name of the heroine, Brendell Meshango. Just seeing a name that is so entirely different from the typical White Anglo-Saxon Protestant culture awoke my curiosity to know more about her main character.


Meshango, a woman, a half-breed, a person from a minority culture who breaks out of the jail cell she has locked herself in for years. On her road to discovery, a bizarre occurrence takes place that forces her to face herself.



Joylene Nowell Butler does an excellent job developing and presenting Meshango’s fears, her confusion, her sense of loss and her willingness to protect the only person she has ever loved.


In many ways, in my opinion, Brendell Meshango represents women who belong to any minority. Women, who bury their personalities, hide their beliefs and conform to a society that demands that they change and emulate the Caucasian woman.


Maski: Broken But Not Dead is an extraordinary novel that riles the reader.  In fact, I got downright angry.  Meshango’s life story brought forth my wrath, and I was ready to fight for her and my existence.  But, and I say that with a big BUT, Butler captured and held my attention until the very last page.  I did not close the book or put it aside. I wanted to see how she resolved the conflict, and I was not disappointed.


I congratulate you Ms. Butler on writing an outstanding novel that riled, inspired, and encouraged me.

Book Blurb:

Award-winning author Joylene Nowell Butler is showcasing not one, but two of her intriguing books in two different formats and you could win a copy of one of them.

Joylene won the IPPY Silver Medal with Broken But Not Dead. Once only available in print, the book has received a fresh new cover and title for readers to enjoy and is now available in eBook format. Maski: Broken But Not Dead is the prequel to Joylene’s 2016 release, Mâtowak: Woman Who Cries, which is now available in audio format.


Maski: Broken But Not Dead
◊ By Joylene Nowell Butler
◊ Psychological Thriller

◊ Publisher: Dancing Lemur Press LLC
◊ eBook ISBN 9781939844385


To the Breaking Point…

When Brendell Meshango resigns from her university professor position and retreats to her isolated cabin to repair her psyche, she is confronted by a masked intruder. His racial comments lead her to believe she is the solitary victim of a hate crime.

         However, is all as it appears? After two bizarre days, the intruder mysteriously disappears but continues to play mind games with her. Taught by her mother to distrust the mainstream-based power structures, and with her stalker possibly linked to a high level of government, Brendell conceals the incident from the police. But will her silence keep her safe?

         Then her beloved daughter, Zoë, is threatened and Brendell takes matters into her own hands. To save Zoë, Brendell searches for the stalker and confronts not just a depraved madman but her own fears and prejudices.


Maski: Broken But Not Dead is available on Amazon.










About the Author:

Joylene, Métis, is the author of Dead Witness, Broken But Not Dead, and Break Time. She and her husband and their two cats reside in Canada for the summers and Nayarit, Mexico, for the winters. They believe life should be an adventure.

For more on Joylene and her writing, visit her website and blog, as well as connect with her on Goodreads, Facebook, Twitter, and Amazon.

Comments on Maski: Broken But Not Dead:

“A psychological thriller filled with suspense, action and drama…” – John Bell, 93.1CFIS-FM: Prince George, BC

“Riveting and beautifully written. You won’t be able to set it down.” Judith S. Avila, author


This tour-wide giveaway is for two (2) eBook copies of Maski: Broken But Not Dead and two (2) audio copies of Mâtowak: Woman Who Cries. The giveaway ends July 6.

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Shalom aleichem,






Pat Garcia








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  1. Pat, I love books that draw you in and make you passionate about the characters. Those books stay with you long after you’ve turned the last page. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts on Joylene’s book and for being a part of her tour.

    MC Book Tours


    • You’re welcome, Mason. I got very involved in Maski: Broken But Not Dead. Joylene has done an excellent job on touching the emotions. That’s one of the biggest reasons, this story resonates within me. I am also happy that I could be a part of your tour. I’m from Georgia and I like to think that people out of the Deep South try to stick together whenever we can. We may not have a lot of time, but we make an exception and take the time. So, I’ll be popping up every now and then to review a book from the tours you present. I saw you did another tour for Hank. Unfortunately, I was fighting to move forward after Moni’s death and had to missed that one.
      Wishing you the very best.
      Shalom aleichem,

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you for your kind review, Pat. It made me cry because you totally understood what I was trying to do through Brendell. Thank you.You are a blessing.


    • You are very welcome. I want to thank you for attacking a problem that still remains pretty much hidden in our society today. You have done a wonderful job presenting Brendell, and I suffered and rejoiced with her throughout the book. All the best with the marketing and everything else that needs to be done to get the word out on Brendell’s story. I hope this book stand out and become a bestseller.
      Shalom aleichem,


  3. This is a wonderful review. However, believe it or not it is not only minorities that feel that they have to hide or perform a certain way. Cultures and upbringing can destroy a person’s personality and life until one learns to fight back. Learning that we ARE OK can be quite a ride. I look forward to finding this book.


    • Thank you my dear friend. I hear what you’re saying. True, minorities are not the only ones that feel they have to hide or perform certain way, but it sticks out more strongly than by the ruling majority. Butler does an excellent job of pointing out the pain of the women and she focused on a woman from a minority as her main character and that is just not done often in our society. For that I was delightfully happy.
      Wishing you a great weekend.
      Shalom aleichem,


  4. This sounds like a terrific book. Thanks to your great review, I just bought it. (I have NOOOOOO restraint when it comes to books…)

    Have a super weekend.


    • Hello Susan,
      I am confident that you will absolutely enjoy this book. It is very well written and it touches the heart and it makes you think.
      Have a great weekend.
      Shalom aleichem,


  5. This seems to be an amazing book. Thanks for the review. I’m about to add it to my pile of books to buy and read. 😀


    • A.J. the book is amazing. Butler did a wonderful job presenting Meshango as a truly amazing woman.
      Hope you are fine, my dear.
      Shalom aleichem,

      Liked by 1 person

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