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Heart Stopper and Other Stories by Tamara Narayan

July 7, 2016



Hello Everyone,

Tamara Narayan is a writer  I got to know during the A to Z Blog Challenge. During the month of April, she wrote articles concerning science, and I discovered that when science is presented to me in a logical well-written manner,  even I can comprehend and understand it.

Narayan’s book has now been released. No, it is not about science. It is even better.

Heart Stopper and Other Stories,  by Tamara Narayan is a book that will keep you spellbound, and I am so convinced about her writing that I have already purchased it over Amazon, Germany.   I have posted a short blurb of the stories below:

One collection, four stories, 171 pages of suspense…

Heart Stopper: The disappearance of random household items baffles Dallas Radner and his eleven-year-old daughter, Tessa. Ten plastic bags, nine ballpoint pens . . . what’s next? This odd countdown should end on November 1, The Day of the Dead. That’s also Tessa’s birthday and the one-year anniversary of her surgery, the day her heart stopped on the operating table.

Dallas almost lost Tessa once. On November 1, one thing will vanish forever. Will it be his daughter?

Detour: Fed up with her abusive boyfriend, coed Chloe Langley takes off in a borrowed car for the safety of home. She’ll never make it.

One Step Away: Acrophobia has ruined Darryl James’s marriage and stolen his son. To get Andrew back, Darryl undergoes desensitization therapy. Just as success is within his grasp, a relapse occurs with shocking consequences.

Monitor: Perched on a mountain with a view to die for, Laura and Paul Alderson have it all: new house, new baby, and new challenges. But urgent whispers from the baby monitor about her infant son and the garage threaten to turn Laura’s American dream into a nightmare.


So dropped by and pick up a copy. You will not regret it.

For those of you living in Germany like me, the eBook is also available on Amazon, Germany for €2,99.

You may also visit Tamara Narayan at her author blog.


Shalom aleichem,









Pat Garcia


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  1. Oooo … suspenseful. Thank you, Patricia. I am intrigued.


    • Samantha,
      She is a very intriguing writer and I enjoyed visiting her blog every day during the A to Z Blog Challenge.
      Thank you, Lady, for dropping by.
      Shalom aleichem,


  2. That’s quite an interesting review you provided us here. I’m with Samantha. It’s very intriguing.


  3. Sounds excellent. It does look science-y based on the cover, but the blurb is more thriller. Can’t wait.


    • It is an excellent book and I look forward to reading it.
      Thanks for coming by, Jacqui.
      Shaloom aleichem,


  4. Tamara’s book sounds great. Thanks for telling us about it Pat.

    I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award. I hope you’ll accept and tell us more about yourself!

    Thanks Pat.


    Have a great week!

    Denise 🙂


    • Thank you, Denise. She has a wonderful cover. It made me curious and I bought it immediately.
      As to your nominating me for the Liebster Award, I accept. Give me until Sunday evening to get it up on my blog. Thank you very much. I feel honored.
      Shalom aleichem,


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