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Some Mother’s Heart Is Crying

May 11, 2014

JD520435Global expansion is inching its way, step by step, across planet Earth––but some mother’s heart is crying.

Lives are being laid down in the Ukraine, Sudan, North Korea, Egypt, Syria and Nigeria––some mother’s child is dead.

Hate, spirited by greed and power, makes men do the detestable; violating the rights of other human beings––some mother’s heart is bleeding.

Some mother’s child in Nigeria is kidnapped from her school and thrown into a story that will mark her life forever––some mother’s heart is broken.

Every second, a mother is crying on this planet as she:

  • Watches her child destroyed by a bomb in a war that she didn’t start
  • Sees her child struggling against a disease for lack of proper medical care
  • Looks at her child starving from hunger in a world where plenty abounds
  • Observes her child drinking infested water that has enough bacteria to kill any animal.

Somewhere, some mothers’ hearts are crying.

Flowers, gifts, travel, and good eating––highlights of frenetic busyness design to show the priceless value of women and the joy of motherhood on Mother’s Day.

“What do you hear, Prophet? Tell me, what do you hear?”

“I hear the wailing of girls who have been kidnapped, sold into slavery, and sexually abused; I hear the voices of the Amintas’,  Shjahwanas’,  Aishas’,  Asmas’,  Deborahs’,  Ruths’,  Esthers’,  Kwantas’,  Kummanis’,  Larabes’,  Jummanis’,  Fatimas’,  Palmantas’,  Aistatus’,  Kabus’, Yayis’, of this world.” And The Prophet began to cry.


“Shh, Shh.” The Prophet whispered.

A dark cloud appeared, and covering his ears, The Prophet said, “Oh, No!” And he shook his head as uncontrollable tears streamed down his face.

“What is it, Prophet? Tell me, what do you hear?”

“Some mothers’ hearts are crying.”

Yet, we celebrate Mother’s Day.

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Pat Garcia

  1. laurie27wsmith permalink

    Words escape me Sis, this is so profound and……


    • My Dear Bro,

      Thank you so much, for your support, your encouragement and the simple fact that you are there. Thank you also for the tweet.

      Have a great start in the week.



      • laurie27wsmith permalink

        You’re so welcome Sister. I hope to be always there for you. No problems on the tweet, your words needed to be read. My week is going okay so far… hang on it’s only Monday. 🙂
        With Love from Bro.


      • Great to hear, Bro. I hope you have a fantastic rest of the week.



  2. Ann Biller permalink

    Another side of a Mother’s Day post for sure! Gives us all something to think about, especially after the Nigerian situation. One never knows what is around the corner for each of us! We need to pray daily for Mother’s who are involved in situations that are not ideal….situations that cause a Mother’s heart to cry out to God for help. Thank you for helping us to stop and think about these Mother’s who need our prayers daily! Let us all remember to pray for them!


    • My Dear Sis,
      I believe you have hit the nail on its head. One never knows what is around the corner for each of us. Life can be going so rosy and then boom something happens to change it with the wink of an eye. We are blessed but as you have so aptly said, we must intercede through prayer for those mothers who are having difficult times.
      Thank you so much for your input.


  3. Yes, I agree that your subject matter is profound and extremely sad. I hate seeing what is taking place in the world. Plus, girls in the U.S. are being stolen and sold for sex. I want to know WHY the world lets women be treated this way? Keep fighting!!!! Your words are prophetic!


    • My Dear Gwynn,
      Thank you. As I began writing this, I knew it was a hard message. I also thought about holding it back, but then I said, no, I won’t hold it back. Someone has to speak out for those mothers who are hurting at this particular moment, on this particular day. So, I really appreciate your coming by and sharing your point of view. And thanks for making me aware of what is going on in the USA. I wasn’t aware of girls in the U.S. being stolen and sold for sex.



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