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Here I Am Again

November 27, 2012

At one-minute pass midnight on November 1, 2012, NaNoWriMo began. NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month, and there are authors all over the world who participate.

This was my third time participating.  The first two years I did not finish.  I would start only to tire out or become disgusted with what I was writing.  Besides due to being frustrated with the whole challenge, I was unwilling to put in the time and energy one needs to take to complete such a project. I thought I could do a thousand other projects and still meet my goal.  That is not possible, at least for me it is not.

So, this year, I planned it differently.  Why? I got tired of having a guilty feeling resulting from my not giving NaNo my best shot. Sure, I know NaNo is a fun type of thing, but even in fun, you don’t want the joke to be on you, and that is how I felt the first two years after not reaching my goal of 50000 words.

Determined, this time I was going to go all the way, I prepared myself mentally. I informed every person I had built a relationship with, husband, friends, writing groups, and even animals, just kidding about the animals, I was doing NaNo, and would perhaps disappear for some days, but if something significant happen to them that was earth shaking, they could reach me on my computer through email. Having my notifications on, I could see when emails came into my mailboxes without opening up the email.

I had already developed my main characters in my novel and became friends with them. We got to know one another, and I fell in love with them, and I had a topic I wanted my characters to handle.  It worked. They are handling the topic wisely. My novel is not yet complete, but I had the word count validated yesterday at 57026 words.

Am I happy? You bet.

NaNo is coming to a close for this year, and I have begun to get back into the flow of writing my own blogs, catching up on blogs I follow, preparing for a singing engagement and participating in my writing groups.

I truly enjoyed NaNo.  Completing it successfully made me aware of a few things about myself, I did not know.

NaNoWriMo comes again next year. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll participate once more.










Pat Garcia

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  1. laurie27wsmith permalink

    Go Pat, you are one of life’s dynamos.
    Love from your bro.


    • Hi Bro,
      Thank you. I don’t know about being one of life’s dynamos, but I can definitely say I am tired. Need to catch up on my sleep or better more need a week’s vacation.
      Love you.


  2. Dear Pat,
    I am so happy to hear about the uplifting experience you had during NaNoWriMo.
    Additionally, congrats on your word count but more so on completing your commitment to yourself specifically, and your craft in general. In today’s world of instantaneous communication it is sometimes difficult to unplug. But it sounds like you had great company in your characters. After all if we can’t spend a month alone with our characters how can we expect anyone else to?


    John Phoenix


    • Dear John,

      Thank you so much. NaNoWriMo was an experience I will not forget because it taught me so much about relying on the voices within me to give me direction. And yes, my characters were the hit. They kept me going, even in the late midnight and early morning hours.

      The material that I wrote is good, and next year, I will edit it and make it a great book to send out to the different publishing companies. Right now, I am still playing catch up, but that is all right with me. I don’t think I ever get completely caught up. 🙂

      I hope everything is going well with your book and that your characters are still talking to you.

      Take care of yourself.



  3. Wow, Patricia. You are a very busy and accomplished writer. KUDOS! Bette


    • Dear Bette,

      Thank you. It is a pleasure to write and I wake up morning with the hunger to write and sing.
      I look forward to reading your book. I have moved it up on my list.



  4. Hi,
    Thank you very much for the pingback and I hope you finish your NaNo project.


  5. Hi,
    Hope you got your 50000 words.


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