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The Art Of Winning by Jeffrey Rachmat

September 5, 2012

The year was 2009, and I was in Amsterdam attending the Christian City Church, better known as the C 3 Church, European conference. During the breaks, I had the chance to browse through the bookstore, a habit I have had since I was a small child. There were many books written by some of the speakers at the conference, and these books beckoned me to take a peek. So, I walked through the aisles, getting acquainted with some new book friends or re-acquainted with old book friends I had already read.

In particular, a specific book, The Art of Winning, from the speaker I had just heard, Jeffrey Rachmat interested me.  The person who had introduced him had mentioned his book, and I wondered if the book contained the kind of principles he spoke about in his sermon.

The first thing that caught my eye, and  surprised me, was its thinness.   The book itself, if one leaves out the credits and the foreword, has about one hundred pages, but these one hundred pages remind me of Brother Lawrence‘s small book on prayer. Rachmat  challenges you to re-think your life processes and  actions. He has a subtle way of making you take an assessment of where you stand, and what you are doing.  Rachmat gains your attention and draws you into his world to examine yourself.

We all experience speakers, whether Christian or Secular who have a dynamic charisma, and being enthused we go out and buy their book, only to be disappointed after the first two or three pages.  I wondered if this would be the case with The Art of Winning.  You see, Jeffrey Rachmat is not only one of the leading Pastors in Indonesia, who travels the world with his message, but I also discovered he is  a former successful banker.

May I say the book did not disappoint me?  Rachmat uses clear simple words that paint pictures for the reader.  He does not convince with high theological vocabulary that is overbearing, and no one understands, but chooses straightforward and sincere words, so anyone can easily grasp the art of winning fairly.  Down to earth, the book presents proven principles the reader can either take or leave.

He begins his book with the fact; it is up to you, placing the responsibility for leading a winner’s life on your shoulders. He reiterates throughout his book, winning has nothing to do with where you were born or how much you have on your bank account. Winning is a state of mind. It is how we perceive our lives, and what we do with it.  His assertions are clear and understandable.  They are principles he has tried, and they work.

The Art of Winning can be considered as a small handbook that will  steer you to successful living. It is a book I believe you will enjoy reading.










Pat Garcia

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