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Inner Space, Book Three, The All Seeing Eye, by Merlin Fraser

June 18, 2012

Reading a series demands its tribute, especially when you have allowed yourself to get totally involved with the characters and have given them life.  They become those friends you share with, and you look forward to meeting them again.  You can compare it to the writer or actor’s emersion experience.  You become  so involve that relationships are formed––relationships that have a touch of reality for you. However, such metempsychosis only occurs if you have been drawn into an alternative world and have enjoyed the visit while reading.

Thus, my expectations for the third book of the series Inner Space, with the title, The All Seeing Eye, by Merlin Fraser were mixed.  If I were to use the old outdated statistical measurement of the Bell Curve, I would have put Book Two, The Reluctant Nemesis, at the peak, because I expected the third book to descend with a loud bang.

It is easy to begin a series. The introduction of the characters, the locations, which are featured, and the topics that are introduced, are written to captivate the reader and bring him or her into the reality of the author’s world.  The first book by Fraser was excellent at doing this. Nick Burton became the beloved cop, or every man’s cop.  He personifies the hardworking policeman who has worked his way to the top, but is considered lacking in intelligence. He is tough, experienced, and plays by the rules.

Dumb cop meets intelligent woman, and the atmosphere between them crackles like a wooden house, expanding while drying out under intense heat conditions.

The attraction takes place as it should, but it is not the primary theme in the story. The intelligent woman, embodied as the professor’s assistant is not only smart, she is also strong.  It is this combination of strength versus strength that makes Nick Burton and Jill Tindall so loving.  They draw you into all of the themes of Inner Space, Book One and Inner Space, Book Two, The Reluctant Nemesis, and as you walk with them, they grow on you. You will find yourself becoming emotionally involved with the trilogy.

This brings us to the third book of the trilogy, Inner Space, Book Three, The All Seeing Eye.

  • If I were to describe the emotional ride I went on reading book three, The All Seeing Eye, I would rob you of one of the most exciting rides you have ever had when reading a paranormal book.
  • If I were to disclose whether or not Nick Burton got passed the stages of doubts concerning Dr. Jill work and entered the knowing and believing stage, you would be bitterly disappointed that I had revealed it, because I will have robbed you of an emotional experience you should have.
  • If I were to say you would meet two beautiful characters named Skippy and Scooter who would enhance the story in such a manner that they would win your heart, you would probably think I am over exaggerating, but it is so, and I will have robbed you of inviting to new buddies in your life.   Skippy and Scooter became my buddies, and I loved the way they could handle any technical problem, and I had a strong desire for them to visit me and bring my technical system in order.

Fraser grows in his storytelling and exceeds the plateau peak of my Bell Curve. He bewitches the reader, until the very last page. Everyone is happy, including the reader.   DCC Hardcastle, Dapper Dan, and all of the minor characters play such outstanding roles in this book that you as a reader will join in the expectancy, and in their success, because you know they are going to win.

The fate of the Professor is forgotten, the world runs orderly, and good has triumphed over evil, OR?………..

The paranormal, does it exist? Can we leave our bodies and wander through the city?

Are we spirits?  Fraser’s beliefs run throughout the book, and you cannot help but consider what he says. It does not have to be your belief. No–– his task is not to convert you, but to make you think about what you believe.  According to the belief Fraser espouses in his book, there are two categories of spirits; good and bad, and both are equally strong.  Again, this theme is approached with the upmost delicacy.  Fraser presents the facts of life, the way he sees it.

Returning to my dear old Bell Curve, if I were to rate the trilogy, Inner Space by Merlin Fraser, I would undoubtedly have to detour away from my theory and move into a well-round circle that in my opinion represents completeness.

Tension:  Excellent

Plot: Well written, the author knows how to differentiate within his complicated plot to entice the reader with his variations in the theme.  The major theme of The All Seeing Eye centers around a world needing to be saved, but it is enhanced by shorter themes, which accompany it.

Evaluation:  This is not the first paranormal series I have read. I studied Psychology at the University, and this area of Psychology was beginning to open up at that time. Scientists were beginning to do research and novelists were beginning to write fiction about it. Thus, I have read some fictional books in this genre, but none have impressed me as much as this series.  In case you are wondering whether I would buy it, then the answer is yes.  You see I bought this series to review it. There were no bribes or blackmail from the author, and when I give out money for a series, I like to know it was worth it.

For those of you who read my second review, you probably remember me saying two strikes for Fraser and two strikes against me.  The third ball has been thrown.

“You’re out!” cries out the Referee. And so it is, I am out. The Inner Space, Trilogy by Merlin Fraser was worth my money and worth my time. It was a joy to read, and I was sad after finishing it.

Congratulations! Mr. Fraser. I look forward to reading more of your work.


Pat Garcia

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  1. Thank you Patricia, for sending out such a compelling review of Merlins’ work! I will definately be curling up to the trilogy. I glad to see he struck you out!


    • My Dear Liz,
      You are very welcome, and I thank you for being a loyal supporter of my articles. I so enjoyed the trilogy. As I started out, I didn’t know what to expect but maybe a good book. That the trilogy would captivate me and become a part of my life treasure was a very pleasant and wonderful surprise. Out of all the people who have influence my life the most, I believe two uneducated women, who helped raise me the first five years of my life, play an important role in my reading, writing and my art of writing. They were my grandmother and great grandmother on my father’s side of the family. I stayed with them often, and all of the older people had to amuse me, amd keep me busy, and they did that by making me learn poetry, or sing a song, or they told me a story. My grandma and great grandma always told me to do everything with my heart. My grandmother was good at saying, “If you don’t do it from the heart, then don’t do it, child, because it means nothing.” So, it never occurred to me to not stick it out. There was only one way and that was straight ahead, and I am glad I went all the way with Merlin’s trilogy. Merlin is a captivating writer.


  2. I stumbled on this review. It made me wanna read the whole series. great job!


    • Hello,

      I am lagging behind on getting back to my readers due to time pressures on my writing but I would like to thank you so much for visiting my blog and reading the interview. It was so nice waking up and finding a visitor who had stumbled upon one of my reviews.

      Have a great Friday and once more thank you.


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