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Book Review – Inner Space by Merlin Fraser

June 6, 2012

Recently, in one of my writing groups I became acquainted with a man who writes Sci-Fi books. I was a Sci-Fi Fan before any of the Star Trek series came into existence, and so naturally I was curious to know what kind of Sci-Fi books he has written. Being a writer myself, and although at the moment, waiting on my first book to be published, I tend to be very critical of writers, because many of today’s writers do not tend to develop well thought out plans that would bring a reader into an alternative world, where he or she loses him or herself and relaxes.

Thus, it was with great curiosity that I ordered the book, Inner Space, Book One, by Merlin Fraser. I had no idea what to expect! I am a voracious reader and can read in many genres, both non-fiction and fiction. Having attended the university, one of the first things, I learned was to speed read, and I had decided to speed through the book quickly. However, if a book is exciting and draws me into an alternative world quickly, I forget speed reading, and sit back and relax, and enjoy the world I have been invited to enter into. That is what happened yesterday, upon the delivery of the book, Inner Space. I had decided to read one chapter to get a feel for the the book and its theme, instead, before I knew it I had read two chapters and was half-way through the third. The book is well written, and it lured me to come in and find out what was going on in the inner spaces of the mind.

Mind traveling, a scientific topic, that has been haunting scientists, since before the time of Galileo, and Fraser presents his case for mind traveling, and wraps it up within this story excellently. What drew me into his world was the way he wrote it. The supposedly dumb cop, the hero and the smart heroine, who knows everything about inner space travel and leaving the body, and yet, she knows very little about the inner strivings of a cop, who is determined to get at the bottom of what happened to his boss and beloved friend. I sat there walking with this guy, feeling his confusion, and urging him to keep at it, especially when he had his confrontation with Superintendent Joy! Wow, “Let her have it,” I said.

The book also has humour in it. I laughed at the term ‘morning prayers’ and cracked up as the hero met the little old lady that lived beneath him. I liked the way he observed her getting ready to go into her “full old lady mode”. That was so refreshing, and I laughed until I had wet eyes. There is a dry and sometimes sarcastic humour in the book, that I appreciate.

Finally, I am not one who stops to read a book, if I don’t have it on my schedule. I may look at the first chapter, but then I continue on with what I am doing. That was not the case with this book. It captured me and demanded my attention.

I can only recommend it with the highest praise. You may ask if I plan to read the other two in the series, and I can only say, without a shadow of doubt, Yes! It is excellent reading and will challenge the way you think and see things, and that is the purpose of a good Sci-Fi novel. It forces you to stretch your mind and see beyond the known into the unknown, if only for a little while.


Pat Garcia

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  1. Hi Patricia ~ I generally don’t read sci-fi but this sounds like it’s worth a try. Thanks for the recommendation and I look forward to more of your reviews. ~ Peggy


    • Hi Peggy,
      Thank you very much. This is a very good read and I enjoyed reading it. I haven’t started on the second book yet, but I am very interested to see if it will fulfill my expectations and keep me as captivated as the first book.



  2. You do reviews well. Enjoyed! 🙂


    • Hi Mary Ann,
      It is always nice to get a confirmation of my talent from you. I treasure your opinion. Thank you so much.



  3. Hi Pat,
    Enjoyed your review. I’m not much of a Sci-Fi fan, but your enjoyment of the book tempts me to read it for myself.


    • Hi Peggi,
      Thank you very much for reading the review. This book is not your typical Sci-Fi novel. It is a wonderful read and I really enjoyed it.


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