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Promotion: Reflections Of Mamie – A Story Of Survival by Rosemary “Mamie” Adkins

August 16, 2013

ImageMost serious writers have a dynamic story of their life behind them. In other words, they have lived through some experiences and overcame miles of baggage consisting of disappointment, hurt, and pain.  So is the life of author, Rosemary “Mamie” Adkins, the writer of Extraordinary Dreams Of An Ireland Traveller.  Her new book, Reflections Of Mamie, A Story Of Survival, goes behind the hidden curtain of child abuse and exposes its ugly head.

Adkins, a victim of child abuse herself, writes about the real issues that have to be dealt with if an abused child who enters adulthood wants to have a joyful and purposeful life without bitterness and rage at the past. Rosemary “Mamie” Adkins states and I quote her directly below what this book is all about:

Reflections of Mamieis the story of a young girl who spends her entire life searching . . . no, pleading for her mother’s love and approval, but instead receives only physical, mental, and emotional abuse in return. This unsettling tale is more a story of hope as Mamie’s fighting spirit leaves the reader in awe at the young girl who comes to life on the tear-stained pages.”

ImageReflections Of Mamie, A Story Of Survival will be on sale for the month of September.  You may buy it directly from the author and receive an autographed copy and don’t forget to request a bookplate. They are ideal for keeping tabs on where you left off, when you start back to reading.

Her offer is:

Paperback version $15,00

Hardcover version $25,00

Both versions are being offered with a shipping cost of $5,00, and the cost is lower than the price at Amazon.

The proceeds from Adkins books are not just for her benefit. She helps others, as well. Again, let’s let her tell it herself,  “My book, Reflections of Mamie-A Story of Survival is available in both paperback and in hardcover.  A great portion of my profits go to support two charities-Dream catchers for Abused Children and Kitsap Humane Society for abused and abandoned animals.”

So step out there people. You don’t want to miss the fantastic offer, but more than the offer, you don’t want to miss this fantastic read. Reflections Of Mamie- A Story Of Survival is worth every penny you spend!

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Pat Garcia

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  1. Great promotion Sis, a worthy story without doubt.

    • Hi Bro,
      If we are ever going to stop what happens to children, then we must begin at the root. It needs to come out of the darkness so that light can shine upon it. This is one book that does just that. What I like about it, is that it doesn’t leave the reader in pain. It shines light on the subject and offers ways to move beyond the pain.
      Thank you so much for your comment.


      • It’s a huge ask Sis, there are so many obstacles yet the journey to help those without a voice is a worthy one. The pain aspect is probably why I haven’t put pen to paper on mine yet. Other than poems and some aspects of my novels. My fear is that people won’t believe it.

      • My Dear Brother,

        The very reasons that you have written for not writing that book are the same reasons why you should be on fire to write it. There will always be people who will not believe it, but that is not your problem. Whether they believe it or not, it happened, and there are so many people out there who are suffering or who are not suffering that will take what you say at face value. They will believe it.

        You have to conquer that fear and overcome the pain, step by step. Your willingness to do that will help others. I know it will be a painful valley. There have been and still are painful valleys in my life that I have faced or have to face when the time is appropriate, but not facing them is not an option, if I want to grow. That means for me that I have to walk through that valley until I see the sunshine.

        These are not easy words for me to write, right now. I am going through some heavy things. Yet, I know that to bury my head in the sand and not go through them would mean the death of my spirit for me. And since I believe the Spirit gives life, there is no other option, because I want to live.

        There are enough dead people walking around who refuse to face the reality of their lives and I don’t want to be one of them. So think about it. There are some people out there who have been waiting for healing by reading your unwritten book. Do you have the right to deny them that health?

        I believe I have said enough. Maybe you and I can talk about this in more detail through email.

        Take care of yourself. I love you.


      • Well, that’s from the heart Sis. Thank you for giving so much of yourself even though you are suffering. I will write it but with a nom de plume. If it were only about my abuse there would be no trouble, however there are others involved who want their privacy respected. Then there are the deaths of the two girls, a third party was involved in them, hopefully he’s dead, I don’t know. Look we can discuss this privately. Thanks so much for the wakeup call.

  2. Patti, thank you for promoting Mamie’s new book. If anything, her life experience has made her warm, sympathetic, and understanding of life’s plights. I’m proud to call her my friend.
    Your sister,

    • Hi Sis,
      Thank you for your comment. This is a cause that has concerned me for years and to see Rosemary stepping out to show others out the way out of their pain is wonderful. Like you, I am also proud to call her friend.


  3. Thank you Patricia. Your support will help so many if only we can get the word out there Abuse needs to stop. Abuse is a lonely place to live your life never knowing where to find that special embrace or family to call your own.
    You’re an angel Patricia for helping stop this (epidemic as I call it) crime against God’s children.

    • Hi My Dear,

      Thank you. If I can support your cause in any way, I will do my best to do it. This is a cause that needs to be put out there, because people all over the world are hurting, suffering, and crying from within, because of the abuse they experienced.

      All the best, and I hope that many doors open because of your courage.


  4. Oops! Sorry, I did not get the login done right!
    Your the best!

    • My Dear Friend,

      I think the same of you. You are simply the best. One of my readers would like your contact information to order the book. I will forward her your email address. She is not only a reader but a dear friend and she works voluntarily with kids that have been abused or are homeless. Will send you her email today.

      Love you and have a great weekend.


  5. Pat, I’m definitely interested in purchasing the book. Will you send me the information in an email, please. Dynamite promotion as I can so relate! I look forward to seeing the book.

    • Hello My Dear,
      Thank you for commenting and I will send you detail contact information and copy the author on the information.
      I know you will enjoy the book.


  6. This sounds like an amazing story that must have taken incredible amounts of courage to put down on paper.

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